In 2013, a social research directed to the value of local TV and the population's attitude to the digital TV in the cities of Aktobe, Kyzylorda, Petropavlovsk, and Karaganda illustrated a significant ground support of local TV stations among the population. In general, the open rate for regional TV stations was 85%.

Most of the survey participants would like to see local non-governmental channels in the free package of “OTAU” satellite-to-home television (80%) and in the local cable networks (76%). 62% of respondents unaware of digital terrestrial TV with free 14 Kazakh TV channels and local private television channels.79% of respondents believe that the state should provide the population with adaptors (set-top boxes).Study participants believe that the optimal amount for the purchase of digital set-top boxes ranges up to 3000 tenge.In general, respondents think that the public should have access to air free television without reference to the specific receiver equipment at low prices.91% of respondents believe that the high cost of digital receiving equipment can reduce the audience of digital terrestrial television.About a third of the respondents are thinking about buying a modern digital TV of DVBT2 standard.Themajority (71%) donotconsiderthispossibilitysofar. Virtually all participants in the study believe that terrestrial TV exists for taxpayers' money and therefore should be free and available.


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    World Press Freedom Day
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    The Radio’s Day
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    The Day of Journalists' Republic of Kazakhstan