"Otyrar TV" station began broadcasting in the digital network iD TV


One of the best Kazakhstani regional nongovernmental TV stations "Otyrar TV" has been first in the country to begin broadcasting in digital network iD TV.

Otyrar TV was the first regional commercial station in the early 90s. For more than 20 years on the air the station gained popularity and the highest ratings in the Southern region. Kazakh and Russian editorial offices broadcast morning, afternoon and evening newscasts. In addition, they release specialized news for those who are interested in economics, medicine, and culture. Such programs as "Emergency Call", "Legal Self-Defense", "I live here", "Medicon" have high ratings. Children's editorial office releases program "An hour without parents," which had won the prestigious award "Altyn Zhuldyz" at the IV Republican competition. Station pays particular attention to morning broadcasting. A lot of viewers begin their mornings with show "Time to get up" and "Shymkala" full of cheerfulness and optimism.


  • Жалғызбасты ананы зорлау оқиғасын облыстық ішкі істер басқармасы бақылауға алыпты
  • Каким будет учебный 2016-2017 год
  • В Казахстане вновь актуален вопрос относительно Единого Национального Пенсионного фонда
  • На тренировке национальной сборной по казахской борьбе


  • SEP 8
    International Day of Journalists' Solidarity
  • OCT 23
    The Day of advertising
  • OCT 24
    World Development Information Day
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