The idea of a single media was accepted as a threat of the expansion of the Kremlin propaganda


Russian politicians have suggested the creation of a single Eurasian media resource, praising Dariga Nazarbayeva, the daughter of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. The idea alarmed some Kazakh experts.

Idea about a common Eurasian Media Resources was articulated at the forum "Eurasian Economic Perspective" in St. Petersburg by deputy chairman of the upper house of the Russian parliament Ilyas Umahanov. This resource, in his opinion, could play an important role in strengthening the EAEC.

Leader of nationally oriented organization "Ult Tagdyr" Dos Koshim clearly opposed the idea of creating a single Eurasian media resource, since its implementation is it unsafe for Kazakhstan:

- A single media resource - it is almost the same as a single defense, common military units. In connection with the events in Ukraine we see that Russia is in the state of real ideological and psychological war against Ukraine. If there is a single media resource, we will be fastened to Russia in this - not ours - war. Media resources in this war has not less but perhaps even more important importance than fighting units. Single media resources, even in the framework of the EAEC, will ask for the direction will from the Kremlin. Kazakhstan will be an unwitting participant in this war. And it is dangerous for us.

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