Legal Assistance


Within NAT Kazakhstan project the following is implemented:

- Legal advice based on written and oral requests of mass media on a specific situation occurred.

- Legal workshops in regions. Special attention at workshops is given to hand-on use of the legislation in force and insight in examples from practical performance of managers and journalists in mass media. Mass media business owners are offered workshops entitled “Survival of Mass Media Under Active Legislation”. Journalists are expected to benefit from legal briefings.

- Legal expertise. Expertise is held to determine legal position of mass media in a concrete situation, find out degree and content of their rights and/or obligations. It is feasible during examination of documents, having full access to the case-related materials.

- Legal residence. Legal residence implicates visit of a lawyer to mass media seat to conduct legal audit and short-term training for management and staff on legal aspects of their activity. Legal residence includes legal appraisal of mass media work, verification of mass media documents for compliance to the legislation in force in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Legal residence is the most efficient way to prevent legal mistakes in mass media performance.

The purpose of the residence is to detect shortcomings and enable mass media to remove them by themselves before they are revealed by correspondent state controlling and supervising agencies.

Documents are checked based on mass media sampling. These may be documents such as orders on hiring mass media staff, rules for firefighting safety or licensing documents of the mass media received from state authorities. This assistance is provided confidentially and observing privacy principles. For residence of quality the mass media provides full information and necessary documents on the specified frame of issues.

Executive management of NAT Kazakhstan is looking forward to your proposals. At present the Executive Management of NAT is preparing a schedule for conducting legal residences and workshops. Mass media for residence will be selected based on the application by the management.
Request must be provided to NAT Kazakhtan via email or by post.

You may contact lawyers Sergey Vlasenko and Gulziya Nurlankyzy calling to +7 (727) 250 88 86, +7 (727) 250 84 42

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